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RRP: USD$149
You Pay: USD$99
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Four reasons you should take the test

1. Instant results

It only takes a few minutes to complete and instantly get results which enable you to improve sales.

2. Clear recommendations

You get bespoke feedback to each response, with recommendations and training suggestions.

3. Improve sales

Thanks to the comprehensive report, it's like having your own sales trainer sitting right in front of you.

4. Use it anywhere

From automotive to venture capital it's applicable across all sales industries, and is used worldwide.

Can your sales people actually sell?

If not, your business is in trouble because sales is the revenues engine for your business.

The Number #1 complaint of employers worldwide is salespeople who underperform or can’t sell. If that’s happening your business will struggle.

What is The Sales Profile?

The Sales Profile is an award-winning online tool. It measures two critical success factors — skills and drive.

It measures 13 skills associated with high performance, and it measures the drive to success in a frontline sales role. It pinpoints strengths and weaknesses, and clearly identifies sales training targets.

Two critical factors star performers just can't live without

The Sales Profile uniquely measures two factors linked to sales success: skills and drive.

13 sales skill and the drive to succeed

Incredibly, research has shown that sales people with high drive and low skills typically out perform sales people with high skills and low drive.

Fast & easy to complete

It only takes about 7 minutes to complete the QA

Used worldwide

The Sales Profile is used by sales managers and sales trainers worldwide to quickly assess sales skills and provide appropriate sales training.

Comprehensive report

You instantly get back a 20-page PDF skills report that is easy to understand. You can quickly see exactly what's working… and what needs fixing.

Gandhi famously said you need to be the change you want to see in the world; take a look your profile and see exactly how you can improve.

 There's nothing as good as The Sales Profile anywhere. 

Change your perceptions about yourself and take massive action

If you understand your perceptions about yourself this will help you will change. If you change how you think about your skills and your drive to succeed, then you will change how you feel and be better informed about what positive actions you need to take.

Instead of being stuck in your old thought patterns, view your skills and drive through new lenses of thoughts and insights.

Drive action and change and improve your sales by receiving your complete profile

If you have already taken the test and received your Free Summary Sales Profile this contains your link which will let you upgrade to the Complete Sales Profile for a one-time fee. This full profile features bespoke feedback on how you answered each question as well as clear recommendations.

If you haven't taken the test and wish to receive your full profile then click the link below, see the complete picture and unlock your true potential.

Priced just right

The Sales Profile delivers totally bespoke feedback for USD$149USD$99 - GUARANTEED.

Show Me The Complete Picture
Features / Benefits
Price $149
Promo Price $99
No of questions 50
No of report pages 20
Sales capability rating
Sales technique rating
Summaries of each skill
Feedback per skills area
Feedback per response
Training recommendations

If you are in Sales Training or Sales Recruitment

The Sales Profile is an excellent resource for your clients especially if you are an individual trainer, a sales training organisation, sales coach or even a recruitment company.

Our test can be white labelled

The whole package is available as a private-label service that can be re-badged with your own corporate branding. Sales trainers can issue tokens as required and have access to their own administration panel.

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Manage a Sales Team, or think your team / company could benefit?

Why not get your team members to take ownership and responsibility be having them highlight their own profiles.

Quickly assess individual's Sales Skills and Drive, and from there, identify their appropriate training needs.

Bespoke reporting service

For large numbers of sales individuals and teams we offer a bespoke reporting service where training needs can be grouped and identified.

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Be the best sales person you can be

The Sales Profile is the tool you need improve your skills, enhance your sales and accelerate your growth. Using the tools provided, whatever your industry, you will see better sales.

  •   Bespoke feedback
  •   Easy to read
  •   Takes minutes
  •   Instant results
  •   Improve sales
  •   Web-based tool
  •   Pinpoints needs
  •   Used Worldwide

Who created the Sales Profile?

The Sales Profile was developed by multi award winning business coach Andrew Priestley to assess the skills of sales staff involved in frontline sales.

Andrew specialises in working with ambitious owner / managers running established 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses, and has a proven ability to help a diverse range of clients achieve professional and personal goals.